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Lagos State Police to charge 30 #RevolutionNow protesters to court Friday
260,000 sign petition protesting the release of film where Paris Jackson plays a lesbian Jesus
It Is All About Microchips, Forget About Black Lives Matter Protests, says Pastor Chris Oyakhilome [Video]
Protests continue in United States' cities against reckless white police brutality and racism
Austrians hold massive anti-racism demonstration in Vienna
Black Lives Matter protests in London condemn British racism as well as racism in the United States
 Former US President Barack Obama says US protests offer chance to change America as he voices support
 20,000 protest police brutality in Paris, echo anti-racism calls in the United States
Brazilian President Jair  Bolsonaro joins protesters as Brazil political scandal heats up amid coronavirus pandemic
 Hong Kong security chief warns about ‘rising terrorism’ as anti-government protesters return to streets
Swiss protesters demand say in coronavirus measures
Protesters demand end to coronavirus lockdown in front of Minnesota governor's residence
Thousands in Tel Aviv protest Netanyahu-Gantz alliance deal ahead of trial
 Anti-government protest over economic woes turns violent in Lebanon’s Tripoli
 Turkish forces gun down two protesters in northwest Syria
Thousands of Israelis protest prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition deal amid corruption probe
Protesters dump body bags outside Donald Trump's Hotel to condemn his COVID response
 Lebanese protesters return to streets in car convoys amid coronavirus pandemic outbreak
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro joins demonstrators against stay-at-home orders
 More American protests call for lifting coronavirus restrictions as governors push back