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 Dome of the Rock model displayed in Iran ahead of International Quds Day
 Syria envoy denounces United Nations failure to enforce resolutions on Israeli occupation
US embassy road signs installed in Jerusalem al-Quds ahead of opening
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: Embassy will not be relocated to Jerusalem al-Quds
President Mahmoud Abbas: Palestinians cannot accept US President Donald Trump's ‘peace’ plan, mediation
Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dancila says moving embassy to Jerusalem al-Quds lacks support
Palestinian state without Jerusalem al-Quds as capital will not be accepted: PA spox
US plans to move embassy to Jerusalem al-Quds by 2019
Israeli bill makes it harder to cede parts of Jerusalem al-Quds to Palestinians
Muslim world won’t compromise on al-Quds, says Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Fearing US reprisal, Guatemala sticks to decision on Jerusalem al-Quds
Jordanians protest against US President Donald Trump's Jerusalem al-Quds move as Israel's "capital"
Israel to name train station after US President Donald over Jerusalem al-Quds move
US President Donald Trump’s decision on al-Quds aimed at killing Palestinian cause: Hamas chief
Palestine slams as ‘shameful’ Guatemala's decision to move embassy to Jerusalem al-Quds
Guatemala becomes first country to move embassy to Jerusalem al-Quds after US
Iranian lawmakers pass bill on Jerusalem al-Quds as permanent capital of Palestine
More Americans oppose US President Donald Trump’s Jerusalem al-Quds move as Israel’s “capital” : Poll
More protests held in Palestinian territories, elsewhere against Trump’s Jerusalem Quds policy