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 Saudi-led coalition calls on UAE-backed separatists to return to Riyadh deal
 UAE-backed separatists break with Saudi-sponsored militants, declare self-rule in southern Yemen
 Turkey blocks official Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates news websites in retaliation
Suspected UAE spy held in Turkey commits suicide
Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates pledge $3 billion aid to Sudan’s new junta amid protests
Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emiratesrecruiting 1000s of African mercenaries: Report
The United Arab Emirates ends Somali military training mission as tensions soar
Airport standoff escalates tensions between United Arab Emirates, Somalia
The Central Bank of Qatar asks US Treasury to probe 'financial warfare' by UAE bank
United Arab Emirates files formal complaint with UN over Qatar’s alleged flight ‘interceptions’
Angry at Iran & Turkey, UAE pleads for Saudi ‘leadership’
Turkey to change name of street over UAE FM’s anti-Ottoman retweet
United Arab Emirates hires former US intelligence agents to build 'its own CIA': Report
United Arab Emirates stops issuing new visas for North Korean workers, pulls Abu Dhabi ambassador
Thailand’s former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra flees to Dubai ahead of verdict
United Arab Emirates, US forces in southern Yemen seize oil resources: Report
UAE-linked channel to release documentary on Qatar’s role behind 9/11
Doha says US media report showed United Arab Emirates attack on Qatar's news agency
 US intelligence sources confirm the United Arab Emirates hacked Qatari websites
Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain threaten more punitive measures against Qatar