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US-led forces killed 1,600 civilians in Syria's Raqqah in 2017: Amnesty International Report
The United States has wiped Syrian city of Raqqah "off the face of the earth" with carpet bombing: Russia
Syrian Democratic Forces won’t hand over Raqqah to Syrian government
3,250, including 1,130 civilians, killed in SDF offensive to seize Raqqah: SOHR
Multiple deaths in US-led airstrikes on Syria’s Raqqah: Report
23 more Syrians dead as US-led coalition bombs Daesh-held Raqqah
United Nations says Daesh-held Raqqah worst place in Syria
US-led airstrikes kill more civilians in Syria’s Raqqah: Group
US-led coalition hits Raqqah hospital with white phosphorus: Red Crescent official
Syrian forces regained control of an oilfield from Daesh in Raqqah
Fresh US-led strikes kill 10 Syrian civilians in Daesh-held Raqqah
US air raids killed 224 civilians in Syria’s Raqqah in a month: Monitor
US-led coalition bombing positions in Syria hits ancient wall in Raqqah
US-backed militants take last road into Syria’s Raqqah
United Nations human rights urges protection of 100,000  civilians trapped in Syria's Raqqah
US-backed Kurdish forces liberate key region in Syria’s Raqqah from the Takfiri Daesh terrorists
Syrian pilot found alive after US downed plane over Raqqah
US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces enter Raqqah from western battle front