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Saad Hariri to ‘certainly’ remain Lebanon Prime Minister: President Michel Aoun
Lebanese President Michel Aoun warns Arabs against pushing Lebanon towards fire
Lebanese President Michel Aoun calls for national unity after Saad Hariri resignation
Lebanese President Michel Aoun urges return of Syrian refugees to stable areas
Lebanon's President Michel Aoun urges 'safe zones' for refugees in coordination with Syria
Lebanon's President Michel Aoun pledges to root out corruption
Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah welcomes election of Michel Aoun as Lebanon President
Lebanon's President Michel Aoun asks Saad al-Hariri to form government
Michel Aoun election heralds better future for Lebanon: Hassan Rouhani
Michel Aoun election as Lebanon's president to boost anti-Israel front: Iran official
Hezbollah shares Michel Aoun’s victory: Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Gebran Bassil
Hezbollah, Syria congratulate Michel Aoun on winning Lebanese presidency
Iran welcomes election of Michel Aoun as Lebanon’s president