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Kenyan police officer who crashed police vehicle while drunk commits suicide inside police station
Kenyan man burns daughter’s thighs, private parts with a hot iron
Kenyan military chopper crashes, kill 2 officers
Two female Senators in Kenya exchange blows in fight over committee post
Kenyan opposition figure Miguna Miguna deports opposition firebrand
Kenyan opposition figure George Aladwa arrested amid crackdown
Kenya court orders government to lift ban on three TV stations
Kenya court upholds Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidential election win, triggers counter rallies
Kenya’s opposition party National Super Alliance leader Ralia Odinga calls for international intervention
Clashes erupt in Kenya after discovery of 4 bodies in Nairobi slum
Kenya Supreme Court to hear case on 2nd poll challenges
Kenya's government seeks to shut down election court cases
Kenya's opposition leader Raila Odinga vows to continue disobedience after sham votes
Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta wins 98 percent of vote in repeat election
Danger and uncertainty in Kenya after Supreme Court overturned election victory of President Uhuru Kenyatta
Kenya opposition Raila Odinga calls for mass protests
Kenya police killed 67 in violence after vote annulment: Human Rights Groups
Kenya police use teargas to disperse protesters
Kenyan government bans demonstrations against presidential re-run in three major city centers
Kenya parliament passes controversial election law