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US National Security Adviser John Bolton blames foreign countries for discord in White House
National Security Advisor John Bolton says US open to talking to North Korea, won't change position
US President Donald Trump angry with Mike Pompeo and John Bolton over Iran war threats: Washington Post
US National Security Adviser John Bolton unveils new sanctions to pressure Cuba, Venezuela
US weighing Libyan disarmament model for North Korea: John Bolton
US National Security Adviser John Bolton in contact with Arab states to create regional force in Syria: Report
John Bolton to keep reshuffling Trump’s national security team: Report
John Bolton begins role as US National Security Adviser amid numerous crises
Israelis, Palestinians react differently to John Bolton appointment as US national security advisor
US President Donald Trump replaces McMaster with John Bolton as national security adviser
US President Donald Trump can’t solve Israel-Palestine conflict: Former US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton
Don’t hire John Bolton: Rand Paul warns US President Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump to interview John Bolton, 3 others, for national security adviser
US must ‘make the Russians feel pain’: John Bolton
US President Barack Obama may be behind Russia hacking ‘false flag’: John Bolton
John Bolton warns US President Barack Obama against anti-Israel actions before leaving