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Japanese protesters rally against relocation of US air base to Okinawa
North Korea launches ballistic missile towards Sea of Japan: Seoul
Typhoon Lionrock kills 9 people at Japanese elderly home
Middle-aged Japanese men rent themselves out to lend an ear to strangers
Japanese auto parts giant may recall millions of airbags
Japanese woman, Misao Okawa,world's oldest person dies at 117
Former crewmember recognise sunken Japanese World War II battleship
Horrific moment of a Japanese surfer that was fatally attacked by a large great white shark off the coast of New South Wales has been captured on camera
Japanese tourist woman accuses Indian guide of rape in Jaipur
ISIS throw  'gay' man  off building
 ISIS on journalist's beheading: 'Let the nightmare for Japan begin'
Japanese journalist Kenji Goto has been killed  by ISIS
Sadly, Japan’s negotiations with ISIS have become “deadlocked”
Jordan demands evidence from Isis kidnapped pilot is still alive, no word on Japanese hostage
Obama, Japanese and Jordanian hostages threatened by ISIS