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Ex-Italian PM billionaire Berlusconi hospitalised for coronavirus
Italy enters phase-two of Covid-19 emergency
Europe: 1.5-million-plus coronavirus cases recorded
 Doctors, nurses and workers demand government help over coronavirus pandemic as Italy prepares to ease lockdown
 Italian Serie A sports set to resume training in May over coronavirus pandemic
 Global COVID-19 caseload grows slowly, contagion curve flattens in Europe
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte hails European Union's massive coronavirus recovery fund
Central Bank of Iran says it blocked US bid to seize Iranian assets in Italy
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announces resignation, blames Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini for woes
Italy adopts decree setting hefty fine of €50,000 for refugee rescue
Nationalist and far-right parties from across Europe rally, call for pre-Maastricht rules
Anti-EU government takes power in Italy
Italian cinema ‘giant’ Palme d'Or winning director Ermanno Olmi dies at 86
Italy’s Five-Star Movement leader Luigi Di Maio calls for snap elections after coalition talks fail
Award-winning Italian filmmaker and Cannes Film Festival winner Vittorio Taviani dies
Italian police bust human-trafficking ring
Pope Francis urges world not to ignore refugees at Christmas Eve Mass
Italian lawmakers snub vote on divisive citizenship law
Hundreds of Italians protest against European Union, NATO
Italy’s northern regions voting for more autonomy