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UAE Orders Some Nigerians To Leave The Country, Excludes Nigeria From Countries Permitted To Fly Into The Emirates
 Hundreds of Venezuelan refugees stranded on Colombia border
US President Donald Trump says to ban immigration into the United States over ‘coronavirus pandemic’
13 US states sue Trump administration over new rule to limit legal immigration
Italy adopts decree setting hefty fine of €50,000 for refugee rescue
US President Donald Trump vows higher tariffs on Mexico unless illegal immigration ends
The United States to ship border migrants 'across the entire nation'
Donald Trump propose US immigration overhaul, ending green card lottery
Trump administration to appeal ruling against returning asylum seekers to Mexico
US President Donald Trump raps US asylum law as 'scam,' likens immigrants to UFC fighters
Migrants in Mexico face stark reality at US border
British Home Secretary Amber Rudd resigns over immigration fiasco
Third judge rules against Trump’s move to end DACA immigration program
Mexican police detain hundreds of illegal migrants
US resumes accepting applications to renew DACA
US President Donald Trump pushes Congress for tough immigration rules
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says US visa suspension ‘upsetting’
Libya's Tobruk-based government deny entry to American citizens