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Thousands of Haitians protest against corruption in the streets of Port-au-Prince
Protesters in several Haitian cities urge President Jovenel Moise’s ouster over graft scandal
Oxfam sexual misconduct just tip of iceberg: Haitian President Jovenel Moise
Refugee vessel sinks off Haiti, leaves 40 missing
United Nations ending peacekeeping mission in Haiti
Bus crash into crowd in Haiti kills 38 people, injures 14
Runaway bus kills 34, injures 15 in Haiti
Former Haiti president Rene Preval dead at 74
Jovenel Moise sworn in as Haiti's new president after long-running crisis
Halting Haiti's cholera outbreak requires more funds: UN
Least Developed Countries falling further behind, UN warns
Protests erupt in Haiti against presidential election results
Haitians elect banana exporter Jovenel Moise as president
Haiti tense as both parties claim presidential win
Haitians go to long-awaited polls to pick president, parliamentarians
Starving 800,000 Haitians urgently need food after Hurricane Matthew