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Italian quake-hit city of Amatrice sues Charlie Hebdo over insulting earthquake cartoons
Charlie Hebdo's cartoonist broke down as he explained his reasons for drawing the prophet Muhammad on tomorrow's controversial front cover
The new edition of Charlie Hebdo has rolled off the presses ahead of publication
France's biggest satirical weekly, "Le Canard Enchaine" said it received a gruesome death threat
French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo,unveiled the cover of their new edition
More people died in the Madrid, London and 9/11 attacks than in the Paris killings of  Charlie Hebdo
Paris hostage-taker Amedy Coulibaly was on US terror list
Upcoming "survivors" edition of the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo shows a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad holding up a "Je Suis Charlie"
Terrorist cell involved in the Paris attacks may still be at large, 10,000 help guard possible attack sites
White House says the United States should have sent a high-level official to an anti-terror march in Paris
Popular French police commissioner found dead after meeting Charlie Hebdo massacre victim's family
Deli widow of the French gunman who killed four shoppers in a kosher supermarket in Paris at Istanbul Airport on Charlie Hebdo attack
Israel's PM not invited - but shows up anyway on Charlie Hebdo marches
 Francois Hollande, Angela Merkel and Mahmoud Abbas walk during Charlie Hebdo mass unity rally
Worried French Jews eye move to Israel after Charlie Hebdo
A fightback over Charlie Hebdo without any violence
Terrorist hit by 40 bullets over Charlie Hebdo attack
Devastated father of France's most wanted woman handed himself in to police
World leaders march on streets of Paris over Charlie Hebdo terror victims