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Canada’s banks join campaign to boycott of Facebook
Facebook paid hundreds of contractors to listen to and transcribe snippets of users' conversations
Facebook and  Instagram shuts down 265 Israel-linked accounts, pages, groups, and events linked to Israel on the social networking giant
Washington-based whistleblower advocacy group files complaint against Facebook artificial intelligence systems for generating terror content
Facebooks chooses London for WhatsApp payment
Facebook bans Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones from platform
Facebook Inc. spends $22.6 million to keep Mark Zuckerberg safe
Cambridge Analytica shutting down over Facebook scandal
European Commission warns social media giants like Facebook to do more against online fake news
Facebook seeks to limit effects of new EU privacy law
Facebook to comply with future EU rules
US: Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies to Senate over data scandal
Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg takes personal blame for lapses
European Union issues ultimatum for social network giant Facebook to answer data scandal questions
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg vows to do more as Facebook scandal mushrooms
US social media company Facebook suspends Trump campaign data firm Cambridge Analytica
Facebook personal data use, privacy settings illegal: German court
Facebook, Google, Twitter invited to testify before US Senate panel in Russia probe
European Union authorities puts pressure on Facebook, Twitter, Google
Facebook frequently sees 54,000 revenge porn cases a month, documents reveal