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FARC deal critic to face leftist rival in Colombia’s presidential runoff
‘Armed gunmen kill 6 ex-FARC members in Colombia’
Colombia’s FARC becomes political party
Colombia’s former FARC rebels move to launch political party
Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos declares war with FARC over
Colombia FARC rebels finish disarmament process: United Nations
Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) threatens to delay peace agreement
Colombia’s FARC ex-rebels start turning weapons over
UN to probe more observers for partying with FARC rebels
Colombian congress passes FARC amnesty law under peace deal
Colombian government gives free pardon to 110 FARC rebels
Colombia peace accord with FARC model for ending Syria crisis: Juan Manuel Santos
Colombian Congress ratifies government peace accord with FARC rebels
Colombia’s Senate passes revised peace pact between FARC, government
Colombia government ready for revised deal with FARC
Two rebels with FARC killed in Colombia
Colombia, FARC rebels agree on revised peace deal
Government in Colombia, FARC rebels start renegotiating peace deal
UN to monitor Colombia-FARC ceasefire despite rejection of deal