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Tiger mauls 55 year-old zoo keeper to death in front of horrified visitors
 Denmark blasts United States’  'insult' of military buildup in Greenland
Danish right-wing party urges ban on new mosques in refugee-dominated areas
Danish police find severed head, legs of Swedish journalist
Danish inventor alters account, torso found in Copenhagen
Denmark summons Turkish envoy over 'anti-Erdogan list'
Denmark confiscates thousands of euros from refugees by law
Italian police in Naples recover Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh’s stolen paintings after 14 years
Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen gives reassurances to Turkey on EU deal granting Turks visa-free travel
Dutch police unveil the world's first army of eagles to hunt down unauthorized drones
Denmark seeks law enabling police to reject refugees at borders
Dutch far-right party pledged to close mosques and ban Islam’s holy book of Quran amid growing Islamophobic sentiments in Europe
Denmark police confiscate thousands of euros from refugees
Joanna Palani, Islamic State killer: Terrorists are 'easy to kill'
Noah's Ark needs biblical donation to sail to the Olympic Games in Brazil