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​​​​​​​No chance of US-UK trade deal, if Brexit undermines the Northern Ireland peace accord: US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
British foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt claims German Chancellor Angela Merkel seeks to renegotiate Brexit deal
UK’s Conservative MP Boris Johnson threatens to withhold $50 billion Brexit payment
No-deal Brexit ‘political suicide’ for Conservatives: Britain's Foreign Secretary (Foreign Minister) Jeremy Hunt
UK Opposition Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn vows to prevent no-deal Brexit, urges fresh votes
British Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit gambit fails as her premiership fades
UK Brexit party leader Nigel Farage attacked with milkshake
Britain's opposition Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn still opposed to government Brexit deal: Corbyn
Brexit compromise talks  with Prime Minister Theresa May collapse after six weeks
Brexit: Frans Timmermans urges UK to “cool down and rethink” its decision to leave the European Union
European Union foreign ministers likely to give Britain long delay to Brexit: Report
Britain’s main opposition Labour Party says no immediate chance for compromise on Brexit deal
Brexit: Door to the European Union now shut to Britain: Ex-French President Francois Hollande
Brexit: Lords inflict embarrassing defeat on Theresa May government
United Kingdom, European Union reach deal on post-Brexit transition period
Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon: Scottish Parliament will refuse to sign European Union exit bill
European Union negotiator Michel Barnier rejects open-ended Brexit transition
British politician Nigel Farage warns 'Brexit betrayal' would plunge UK into crisis
No Brexit deal would cost Scotland 12.7 billion pounds: Study
UK will not hold a second EU referendum: Theresa May spokesman