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 Rise in Bahrain’s coronavirus infection cases causes serious alarm
Bahrain’s top court upholds jail term for anti-regime activist Zakia al-Barbouri, revokes her citizenship
Human Rights Watch urges Bahrain to 'immediately' halt death sentences against 2 dissidents
Britain's former ambassador to Bahrain, Peter Ford: Persian Gulf island turned into a vassal state for the US and Saudi Arabia
Bahraini court gives heavy jail terms to two anti-regime activists, revokes their citizenship
Bahrain’s highest military appellate court upholds death sentences against 7 anti-regime activists
Bahraini court jails 24 Shias, strips them of citizenship
Bahrain court sentences 32 anti-regime activists to jail
Saudi Arabia, Bahrain voice support for airstrikes on Syria by the United States, Britain and France
Amnesty International concerned over resumption of executions in Bahrain
Bahraini regime forces arrest 29 people in 24 hours
Bahraini protesters condemn hefty sentences for activists
25 Bahraini groups call for prosecution of 'suspicious' delegates to Israel
Bahrain court gives life sentence to nearly dozen dissidents
Bahrain imposes entry visas on Qatari nationals, residents
Bahrain court gives life sentence to nearly dozen dissidents
Bahraini court hands down jail terms to 17 in mass trial
Health of hunger strikers in Bahrain prison worsen amid cruel treatment
Bahraini regime officials send civilian 'cell' to military court
UK firm launches first major arms fair in Bahrain