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Collapse of Daesh terrorist group, great achievement for Iran, Turkey, Russia: Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani
All Saudi Arabia’s moves benefit Israel: Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani
Israel sowing discord in Mideast to survive: Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani
Iran will fully restore nuclear program if JCPOA scrapped: Ali Larijani
Israel spreading terrorism across the Middle East to weaken Muslims: Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani
Conflict, terrorism in Mideast serving Israel: Ali Larijani
EU, Finland can help settlement of Syria conflict: Iran parliament speaker Ali Larijani
Global resolve crucial in fight against terrorism: Ali Larijani
Political dialogue only solution to Mideast problems: Ali Larijani
Terrorist groups nurtured by the United States and its regional allies pose a threat
Regional countries and world powers must fight Syria terror in practice not on paper: Ali Larijani