Photos: This father names his newborn son Department of Statistical Communication

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A dad who loves his office job has raised eyebrows by naming his son 'Department Of Statistical Communication'. 
Slamet 'Yoga' Wahyudi, 38, who hails from the regency of Brebes in the Indonesian province of Central Java, had agreed with his then-pregnant wife that if she gave birth to a son, he would be allowed to choose the newborn's name. 
When the couple's baby boy was born in December last year, the civil servant decided to pay tribute to his beloved workplace by naming him 'Dinas Komunikasi Informatika Statistik' ('Department of Statistical Communication').
His wife, Ririn Linda Tunggal Sari, 33, was reportedly on board with the decision, with her husband telling local news site Kompas: 'At first it sounded strange, but thank God my wife did not mind.'

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