Horror moment boyfriend falls 120ft to his death after ‘throwing influencer girlfriend from same spot in murder-suicide’

This is the shocking moment a man drops 12 stories to his death, seconds after his influencer girlfriend did the same in a potential murder-suicide.

The horrific incident involving Dagner Rojas and Sarah Arauco was filmed by witnesses in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia on Tuesday April 27.

In the video the pair were both seen falling separately from a 12th story window before the authorities were called to the scene.

They were both confirmed to have died upon impact, suffering some gruesome injuries.

One video shows Rojas dangle from the window before falling, with a second video showing the incident from a different angle.

Local media reports Rojas’ potentially self inflicted fall was filmed by neighbours as it came just moments after he allegedly pushed his girlfriend from the same place.

Special Force Against Violence (FELCV) Director Jose Velasco said the authorities “are processing the scene” and that they “want nothing other than to do a serious job.”

According to local newspaper Milenio, neighbours claim they heard the couple arguing before they were seen falling from the 12th floor.

As a result, authorities are now investigating a possible femicide case followed by suicide but gave no further details.

A close source to the couple told the same outlet that, although Rojas had behaved “jealously” at times, the two had made plans to marry in May this year.

Sarah and Rojas had also participated in a discontinued local television show called ‘Calle 7’ which saw several contestants complete challenges in groups to win a prize.

They were a popular couple online, with Sarah boasting a following of 23,900 Instagram followers.

The investigation into their deaths is ongoing.

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