Dubai/UAE Government Rules For #Ramadan All Residents Must Take Note Of

Here are the 2021 government rules for Ramadan all residents need to be aware of:

10. Hosting or attending large social events are strictly prohibited during Ramadan.

9. Iftar and Suhoor should only be shared by members of the same households.

8. Elderly and people with chronic diseases are advised to avoid family visits and social gatherings.

7. Ramadan iftar tents, donation tents, or anything similar is strictly prohibited this Ramadan.

6. Setting up Ramadan tents at home or majlises for gatherings are also prohibited.

5. Distribution of food and donations should only be made through approved charity organisations in Dubai.

4. Tarawih prayers are permitted, given that worshippers adhere to precautionary measures, including wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.

3. The duration of Tarawih and Isha prayers in mosques are capped at 30 minutes.

2. Restaurants and charity organisations that do not adhere to the precautionary measures will be fined as inspections will be carried out.

And lastly 1. Members of the community are advised to reduce food waste and rationalise food consumption.

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