#COVID19: Some hospitals in India are running out of oxygen & turning away patients due to overcrowding

WOW, this is really sad and frightening!
Doctors fear Covid-19 infections in India could climb to 500,000 per day before the virus-stricken nation reaches the peak of its second wave. 
Another 2,263 deaths and 332,730 cases were reported in India yesterday, although limited testing means this is likely to significantly underestimate the total. The infection total marked the highest one-day tally of any nation since the start of the pandemic - the second time in as many days India has broken the record. However, leading virologist Shahid Jameel today warned that India has still yet to hit the peak of its second wave, with studies suggesting it may record 500,000 cases per day in the first week of May. 
He told Radio 4: 'People who do modelling studies do suggest that India will hit a peak somewhere towards the end of the first week of May, and we may climb up to about 500,000 cases per day, possibly more.' Hospitals across India are buckling under the strain of a ferocious second wave, with some running out of oxygen and turning away patients due to overcrowding. 
Dr Jameel, who is the director of the Trivedi School of Biosciences at Ashoka University, said the nation of around 1.4 billion people needs to contain the surge by 'treating as many people as possible at home.'

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