''My airtime balance is someone's bank account balance, can even pay house rent sef'' - Bobrisky brags

Lmaoo... oh dear! Bobrisky oo, lmaoooo sigh sigh! Some people will be laughing so hard right now, cus this same airtime balance someone is bragging about, is the same some people have when they are broke o.

Bobriksy took to his Instagram page to show off his airtime balance saying this is what some people have in their bank accounts and can even pay some people's house rent too.

He made the brag on IG while saying he remains humble. Many of his followers applauded him and said he is chopping life while some said the show off wasn't necessary.

“Let me brag small. My account balance is someone’s bank account balance. Even some people house rent. Kidding though, I remain humble”, the cross dresser wrote.

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