Lady narrates how man who saw a vision about her duped her of N3.2m and more

People still believe in this trash? How sad!

A lady -- @tobismallz -- has narrated how she met a man on the ROAD... road o, and the man asked her not to drive for 4 days and also gave her his number. She said she obliged and later call the man on the phone.

Visions kept coming up and the man and his crew kept demanding money from her till she gave them the N3.2m in her account and started borrowing money from friends tp meet up with their demands.

The cat was however let out of the bag when she called her mom and tried to borrow money from her. Her mother sensed something was wrong, tricked her home and alas she came back to her senses.

She however said when she got her senses back, she wanted her money back and tricked one of them tp to her area in Lekki where he was picked up by the police and the matter is still on.

Here's how the lady narrated the incident.  

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