Lilian Esoro close to tears as she gets N790k electricity bill

Electricity bill has sadly become the new way the Government is punishing it's citizens.

Yes you can say is President Buhari the one rolling out the bills? No, but it is happening under his watch -- his regime.

Who else has noticed it's like fuel even drys up in cars. I mean it's a full tank one minute, the next minute a quarter is gone.

Nollywood actress, Lilian Esoro is the next victim crying out on social media over an outrageous electricity bill. The actress says the power company just served her a N790,000 electricity bill and she wants to know if she is running a factory AT HOME. She also wants to know if the bill covers the whole year.

Sharing the copy of the bill on social media, she wrote;

“I don’t understand.. am I running a factory? or is this for the year… I don’t understand.. Una dey mad ni? NEPA abi PHCN, una they whine me ni”

Her fans have also joined her to demand answers.

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