Mexican footballer's leg amputated after electric shock [photos]

A young Mexican footballer has had his leg amputated after being electrocuted.

Rodrigo Alain Cuevas was a forward for Ciervos Chalco FC in the Liga Premier, the third tier of football in Mexico.

The 23-year-old wrote on Facebook: "I suffered an electric shock, it entered my head and came out through my left foot.

"I want to thank all the people who are supporting me financially… I always thought that I was alone in this world apart from my family… I am eternally grateful."

Rodrigo went on to say that none of the hospitals would take him in at first because they were 'full of Covid-19 patients,' but his mum managed to get him to a hospital eventually.

He said: "They told us they had to amputate my leg because it was too infected and if it was not operated on it would put my life at risk.

"At first, my parents didn't want to do it, they wanted a second opinion because they know what football means to me, but the doctors said there was no time.

"I questioned a thousand things, but I had to calm down and reassure myself.

"I made the decision because I am of legal age, to have my left leg amputated, and at that moment I had a great life lesson, that although you love something so much, practising a sport, or whatever you do, you should never put it above your own life.

"Trust and have a lot of faith in God, because he is very wise and powerful.

"Do not allow yourself to be defeated easily, do not fall into depression and things like that, and know that you always have to see the positive side to things.

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