Happy New Year Guys... Thank God we made it

What a relief! Thank God we made it to the New Year people. Many wanted to see this day, but they are no more. 2020 took them with it. This is not to mock them, but to praise God for counting us among the living by His grace alone.

Oh what a relief. 2020 came with a thing the world had never experienced before. It changed our eternal lives. Changed it. Deaths everywhere.

People lost so many loved ones -- families and friends. We can only pray that as this marks a new beginning of a fresh year, the new freshness of the Lord will breathe on us. Breathe on every of our belongings -- both living and non living in Jesus name.

The Lord will have mercy and put an end to coronavirus and the world will be normal again and we will be able to praise him forever.

2021 shall come with new blessings for us in Jesus Name. 

Happy New Year guys!!!! THANK YOU JESUS.

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