Funny reactions as man tells Nigerian ladies to buy N590k perfume for their men for val's day

A twitter user has taken to the platform to ask Nigerian ladies if they would be buying a N590k perfume for their men for val, saying nothing is too much for their kings.

Well that particular request was met with funny reactions from women, lol.

He had tweeted; ''Women hope y'all are buying the nebulous from Boadicea for your men this valentine? It's N590,000. Nothing too much for your Kings.''

See some of the reactions below.... lol.

''590k? When there’s boxers and singlet to buy

''If e finish hope say e go refillUnamused face

''It's good manners to smell nice.

''My own king is Jesus. & he say he no like perfume

''This perfume is half a million wow Face with open mouthFace with open mouth please what does it smell like? God''

''Pen!s on demand.''

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