Donald Trump locked out of Twitter and Facebook

Donald Trump's Twitter and Facebook accounts have been suspended after he published posts deemed to incite violence amid the deadly Capitol riots. 

The US President's Twitter account is locked for 12 hours and the social media platform told him to remove three posts related to the unrest.

It also threatened to permanently ban the Republican leader if there are any future violations.

Facebook then followed suit, locking the President from posting for 24 hours, citing "two policy violations".

It came after the billionaire businessman turned politician posted a series of mixed messages as supporters stormed the US Capitol building on Wednesday evening - with one woman shot dead.

His final tweet falsely claimed his "landslide victory" over Democratic rival Joe Biden had been "unceremoniously & viciously stripped away".

In reality, Biden won the Electoral College while gaining seven million more votes than Trump on his way to receiving the most ballots of any US President-elect ever.

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