N400k dress: Nigerians react....

Nah, it's just for Nigerians not to hear anything, lol.

Recall we had earlier told you about how a lady wanted a dress [above] and the designer told her the cost of production would be N200,000. She thought it would be with the materials included, so she could price it down abit, but the designer said, it's not and that's just the sewing fee alone.

She then went on to say, a yard costs N100,000 and the lady will be using 2 yards -- which simply means another N200,000. The lady who made up her mind that she won't be the only person to see it, shared their conversation online and now Nigerians have reacted to it.

Their hilarious responses below...  Abeg if you never chop, no read o, lol.

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