Kanu Nwankwo finally breaks silence over allegations of his wife sliding into Osaze Odemwingie's DM

Football legend, Kanu Nwankwo is finally speaking out after Nigerians woke up to the call of ex-footballer, Osaze Odemwingie calling out his wife for sliding into his DM.

Kanu laughed saying people like negative things and then mocked the assumption that his wife was trying to woo Osaze. He shared a video of himself and wife, Amara kissing and teasing the world that all is fine between them. And Kanu made it point clear that he STANDS BY HIS WIFE. 

Watch the video below and what Kanu wrote as the caption...

“Hahahhhahha  unfortunately the world loves negative things without finding out the truth. Honestly If we can all channel this energy towards positive things and support for charities the world will be a better place.

I don’t understand this talk that my wife is wooing who?.  Who is wooing who???

Osaze, I am still going to choose family over everything else. My reaching out to you over a situation you passed through, or you reaching me can never be taken out of context as a Family. You got this one completely wrong my dear brother. ONE LOVE”

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