Blame the Governor of Benue state if the wife of channelstv reporter dies in his hands - Ovie of

Ovie of has joined many Nigerians to say the immediate reconciliation of channelstv reporter and his wife -- a medical doctor who was battered by her husband is wrong.

Many Nigerians have condemned the act while asking Channels tv to sack the reporter and also demand the police step in.

To the best of our knowledge Nigerians haven't heard anything from the police and to the best of our knowledge too, Channelstv is still investigating.

But to help their investigation, the wife openly accepted his apology -- meaning she was ACTUALLY BATTERED.

Nigerians are asking why the man is getting a pat on his back for such an abuse of a mom of four who has a 4-week old BABY instead of answering questions.

Some women also say, the reconciliation will lead to longtime depression for her, because obviously she will be left ''alone'' after all of these.

An angry Ovie also joined in saying the Governor should be held accountable if one day she dies in the hands of her husband. 

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