Ubi Franklin's 4th babymama, Sandra Iheuwa reveals ''he can spend hours sucking breasts''

Ha! It's not good o. Why expose Mr Ubi like this now, mad o 😂

Sandra Iheuwa believed to be Ubi Franklin's 4th baby mama has revealed he is a BREAST LOVER -- and the saying that says 'we die there' is best to describe it.

Sandra just shared a photo of herself breastfeeding their child -- Ariella and says she loves sucking so much and won't even let her work properly.

She wrote; ''Trying to catch up with some few orders this weekend and Ariella won’t let me be 😩😩😩 at this point she can cut off my breast and take it with her 😭😭😭''

Then one of her followers responded saying; ''Never seen a female child that loves breast soo much. You are a wonderful mother, more grace to you.''

Sandra was fast to reply, saying Ariella took it from her dad -- Ubi Franklin.

''She took it from her daddy'', she replied the follower. 

See yansh opening o, lol.

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