Maradona admitted to hospital days after his 60th birthday

Argentina legend Diego Maradona has been admitted to hospital just days after his 60th birthday

The football legend was taken to a hospital in La Plata - about an hour and half drive away from the capital Buenas Aires.

However, Coronavirus has been ruled out as a possible cause.

There has yet to be any comment made by the Ipensa Hospital, where he is believed to be have been admitted to.

Maradona, who is the manager of Gimnasia, was in attendance to coach his side against Patronato on Friday when he turned 60.

His daughter Gianinna responded to a fanmade video of the incident, saying: "It tears my soul apart.”

Maradona will be monitored over the next 24 hours in hospital, the same one he attended for check-ups in September.

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