Again, cult groups in brutal clash in Ketu, Lagos

There was pandemonium in Ketu area of Lagos yesterday as rival cult groups were locked in brutal clash, with dangerous weapons freely used.

Traders hurriedly closed their shops and ran as shootings were heard in the area.

Motorists also abandoned their vehicles and scampered into safety as guns threateningly boomed.

The whole area was deserted while policemen were drafted.

The crisis between cultists which has spread to Mile 12 area was said to have begun on Monday night.

One person reportedly died.

A reprisal attack took place on Tuesday evening, as the hoodlums battled one another.

Segun Awosanya, a Nigerian realtor and human rights activist, popularly known as Segalink said on Twitter that “hoodlums are declaring a state within the state in Lagos between Ketu (Tipper Garage) & Owode inward Ikorodu.

“The road construction is causing daily traffic coupled with clashes of cult groups leading to incessant robberies in the morning and evening.”

According to Rotimi O.A, on Twitter, “Dear Mr Governor, you need to beam your search light on this Mile 12, ketu and Environs. A lot of security issues. I witnessed this today. Only God saved one.”

“Omokehinde Folayemi said “Ikorodu Road (Mile 12, Ketu ) on fire again. Those boys have started again”, another tweet about the situation read.

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