Thai Army Received Budget to Supply Stryker Lot 3 in 2021

 From the discussion reserved the amendments of the Act The 2021 budget for Agenda 2 contains data from discussion showing the procurement of 10 more Stryker wheeled vehicles from the United States in fiscal year 2021 worth 900 million baht.

The procurement of Stryker vehicles was carried out in fiscal year 2019 with 70 vehicles (47 supplied and the United States assisted by giving 23 more free), totaling 3,720 million baht. In FY2020, another 50 Stryker vehicles worth 4,515 million baht, a project that has not been postponed or budgeted due to COVID-19 and continued procurement in this fiscal year

Thus, procurement of 10 more Stryker vehicles in the fiscal year around 2021 will provide the Army with a total of 130 Stryker vehicles, or approximately 3 Panzer Infantry Battalions, based on the Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT) rating. So, if the Army wants to form a complete Stryker Brigade at the actual rate, at least 192 additional Strykers will be required. It will complete the arrangement of the Stryker Brigade Combat Team rate of approximately 17,280 million baht, calculated from the Stryker price of 90 million baht per vehicle.

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