Ordeals of Nigerian singer carrying US microchip in his private parts since 2010

Slowly, he unzipped his trousers and without hesitation, removed his underwear to show a little pierced bulging mark in his private parts.

“There it is,” Olakunle Ajomale told our correspondent in a dejected voice. “It is because you are a man that I can show you; I have never shown a woman.”

According to Ajomale who presently resides in the Ogba area of Lagos State, the mark in his groin is the exact location of a microchip, planted on him through his anus by some officials of the United States Immigration and Culture Enforcement since 2010.

He added that the microchip is affecting some of his internal organs such as his testicles and navel. The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English defines a microchip as “a very small piece of silicon containing a set of electronic parts which is used in computers and other machines.”

Ajomale wore a native dress on a sunny afternoon in the third week of July and sat on a chair in his house. Our correspondent sat opposite him on another chair with the verandah breeze blowing softly in the upper section of the duplex.

As serene as the environment was, one noticeable thing was that Ajomale was not comfortable. He shifted intermittently in his chair and paused often while talking with painful sighs synonymous with a headache.

“The greatest pain is on my back and I have regular headaches. My spinal cord is painful. I feel this almost 24 hours weekly. Can you imagine having this string of pains continually? I know God still wants me to live to tell this story and I want America to face me. Let them challenge what I am saying,” he said.

Ajomale is accusing the US government of an inhuman treatment meted out to him by some ICE officials in December 2010, before he was deported to Nigeria.

He explained that he had engaged the services of about 11 Nigerians doctors since he returned to Nigeria in February 2011 but none of them could detect the location of the microchip.

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