Hydroxychloroquine Doctor, Stella Immanuel, Begs For Money To Open A Bigger Church

Controversial Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) doctor, Stella Immanuel, is in the news again, this time, she is begging for money to acquire a bigger property to be used as church in the United States.

Immanuel, a Cameroonian who schooled in Nigeria and based in the US had in July took the world by storm when she claimed that Hydroxychloroquine is the potential cure for Coronavirus.

She claimed that antimalarial drug, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and antibacterial drug, Zithromax, were effective cures for the coronavirus.

The controversial Immanuel took to her Facebook and Twitter pages to solicit for fund to acquire a property for a church.

The property is an incredible 86-acre in Brookshire and is located a short 20-minute drive from Katy. It cost 1.8 million dollars.

She said there was need for the public to support her in raising 25 percent of the price of the property, which is 450,000 dollars.

“People want to come for prayer and deliverance from all over the world. Our church is small. We working on getting this property. It’s turnkey with everything ready for a revival and deliverance center.

“We need to raise 25% of the price. That is 450K. Helps us to purchase it. Sow generously. Use DrStella.org to sow. You can use 3187925972 on Zelle, cashapp, Venmo, PayPal.

“God will bless you and all the good that happens there will abound to your account. This ministry is good ground,” she said.

Immanuel had words for her critics who said she should pay the cost for the entire property.

“For those of you haters that think I should pay for everything. How do you want me to handle all the people that want to come for prayer and deliverance.

“Keep them in my house? You guys support raising money for everything. FYI I built & run our current church with my money,” she said.

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