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How Tuface's first babymama Sunmbo Adeoye organised his surprised 45th birthday

Tuface's first babymama, Sunmbo Adeoye who bore him two sons was the event planner of his surprised 45th birthday.

Annie Idibia had ranged her up a day before the D-Day and apologised her phone call came really late but she wants to be sure if she could still deliver and Sunmbo asked her to go to bed and assume the job is already done.

She organised it all under 24 hours perfectly and Annie had to openly thank her for always having their back. She also sent her kids in for the surprise party. His kids in America, that of Pero also joined via zoom.

Worthy of note: Sunmbo is now happily married to a Lagos Pastor and already bore him two sons too. So no envy, no loss, both have their own men!

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