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Too cute! Meet the dog who looks just like Lady gaga

An adorable Shih Tzu has won thousands of Instagram followers thanks to his resemblance to pop megastar Lady Gaga.

Bontenmaru, five, who is named after a Japanese samurai, and lives in Tokyo, has become an internet star racking up more than 22,000 Instagram followers.

His owner Tomoyo Matsuura thinks his fame is due to the resemblance to the Poker Face hitmaker's signature 'do of a blunt fringe and short blonde bob.

She explained: 'Bontenmaru goes to the barber shop (dog groomers) once every two months, and every three weeks I cut his hair by hand.'

Photos show the white and grey pooch sporting the same full fringe and bobbed hair while lounging about the apartment.

In one picture the dog lies across the a white leather sofa showing off his perfectly coiffed hair cut.

In another the furry friend sports a grey ribbed jumper with brown buttons as he poses in front of a a bouquet of flowers.

Videos on his Instagram page show the pooch swimming, trying watermelons and staring at his own reflection. 

His fans come from all over the world, with users from the UK, the US, France and Japan flooding the comments of his pictures.

'Gorgeous!!! Fabulous ook!' said one on a shot of him swimming'.

'He is too cute and sweet,' said another.

 'Gorgeous!' commented a third.

'You are the most adorable,' a fourth wrote.

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