ROK Navy to Receive First Aircraft Carrier LPX-II


The South Korean Ministry of Defense (MOD) has announced that the Republic of Korea’s (RoK) Navy will receive its first ever light aircraft carrier, LPX-II.

In October last year, Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) won the contract to design the LPX-II.

The vessel was originally designed to be an amphibious assault ship. However, as per the latest advancements, the LPX-II aircraft carrier will be dedicated to air operations with F-35B and rotary wings.

HHI is scheduled to conclude the conceptual design later this year.In October 2019 South Korea order 20 F35B VTOL aircraft (photo : Simon Mortimer)Originally expected to be launched in 2033, LPX-II’s project schedule has been fast-tracked to be launched later this decade.

The vessel will be based on the existing Dokdo-class amphibious assault LPX-I ship project designed by Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction.

It will be longer and heavier than the Dokdo-class vessel and will not include a well deck and launch catapult.

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