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Man suffers painful allergic reaction after girlfriend dyes his beard 'just for fun'

A man who attempted to dye his beard black out of 'boredom' has suffered an agonising allergic reaction leaving him with chemical burns.

Marno Botha and his girlfriend Caitlynn Van Hecke thought it would be a laugh to change the colour of his facial hair from blond to black - with Marno saying he would just shave it off if it went wrong.

But the 21-year-old's skin reacted to the dye, turning his face bright red and swollen everywhere he had applied the product, and it took weeks for the side-effects to subside.

The areas on his chin, cheeks and upper lip became extremely sore and Marno had to take antihistamines for a month before his face began to return to normal.

Marno, from Vanderbijlpark, South Africa, said: "We dyed my beard in the afternoon and I woke up at like 3am with this intense itching on my face so I decided to shave my beard.

"I noticed my face had extremely red marks where the hair dye had been applied to my beard and then it started to swell up.

"I could barely move my face and the itching got worse so I went to the doctor who said I'd had an allergic reaction to the hair dye.

"I'd also suffered a chemical burn from leaving the hair dye on my face for too long."

He had previously reacted badly to a henna dye but had completely forgotten about the experience when his partner Caitlynn suggested the new look at her home.

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