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Teenage girl made her admirer pay for s*xy pics then threatened to ruin his life if he didn't pay more

A teen got an admirer to pay for sexy pics then said she’d ruin his life if he didn’t give her more.

Megan Charlesworth, then 19, charged £40 at first before raising it to £180 over several weeks.

Exeter Crown Court heard her ploy started last June after she saw a friend do the same.

But the man ran out of money and called the cops.

The court heard “pages of Facebook messages” contained threats to expose him, and he’d lost sleep through worry.

Gareth Evans, prosecuting, said: "There are pages of Facebook messages which contain repeated threats to expose him and ruin his life.

"He made a victim statement saying he lost sleep through worry and the anxiety he felt affected his work.”

Charlesworth threatened to tell her victim's sister if he did not pay.

She later asked for more cash with a warning she would "ruin his life".

Charlesworth, now 20, of Torrington, Devon, got a community order after admitting blackmail when she was charged to court.

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