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Is Kanye West Serious About Running for President?

Kanye West has scheduled his first campaign event since announcing he was running for President two weeks ago. And despite the fact that there were reports last week that West was ending his White House bid before it ever started in earnest, the kickoff event in South Carolina (for registered guests only) is the clearest indication yet that musician is serious about his Oval Office ambitions.

Indeed, even as some critics dismissing West’s campaign as a sad publicity stunt, political experts say that the musician’s fervent following and wealth could make him a formidable protest candidate.

West has already missed the deadline for being listed on the ballot in several states, noted Michael Beckel, research director at Issue One, a campaign watchdog group. Each state sets its own rules for candidates, he added.

“Anyone who runs as an independent for president is going to have an uphill battle,” Beckel told Variety. “The long and short of it is that the system does not make it easy. There’s no way he’ll be on the ballots in all 50 states.”

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