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Indonesia Interested in Buying Austrian Eurofighter

Indonesia wants to buy the Austrian Eurofighter. Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto offers his counterpart Klaudia Tanner (ÖVP) a letter to buy all 15 interceptors, reports "Die Presse" in its Sunday edition.

The defense department confirmed receipt of the letter but did not want to comment further on the letter.

"Please allow me to contact you directly on a very important matter for the Republic of Indonesia," the minister wrote in English. A German consultant informed Prabowo that Austria bought the Eurofighter in 2002. "In order to modernize the Indonesian Air Force, I would like to enter into official negotiations with you to buy all 15 Eurofighters for the Republic of Indonesia," quotes "Die Presse" from the letter, dated July 10 and in the Ministry at the end of last week has arrived.

Prabowo apparently knows the clashes over the Eurofighter in Austria and the efforts to get rid of these planes: "I am aware of the sensitivity of the matter," writes the Indonesian minister. He knows the circumstances of the Eurofighter purchase in Austria and its effects to the present day. "Nevertheless, I am sure that my offer offers opportunities for both sides," he believes.

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