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Celebrities, Fans Mourn As Naya Rivera's Body Is Found In Lake Piru

Hollywood is mourning the loss of Naya Rivera after her death at age 33.
Rivera's body was recovered on Monday at the California lake she visited with her son on July 8. The actress was beloved by fans for her honest and heartfelt portrayal of cheerleader Santana Lopez on Ryan Murphy's Glee, her home for six seasons from 2009-2015.

Her costar Jane Lynch, who portrayed cheerleading coach Sue Sylvestor on the musical comedy, shared a heartfelt tribute for the actress on Twitter.

"Rest sweet, Naya. What a force you were. Love and peace to your family," she wrote on Monday.

"Glee" star Chris Colfer, who played Kurt Hummel on the series, posted a throwback picture of himself with Rivera on Instagram. "How can you convey all your love and respect for someone in one post? How can you summarize a decade of friendship and laughter with words alone? If you were friends with Naya Rivera, you simply can’t," he wrote. "Her brilliance and humor were unmatched. Her beauty and talent were otherworldly. "

Colfer added, "Being close to her was both a badge of honor and a suit of armor. Naya was truly one of a kind, and she always will be."

See tributes from more celebrities and fans below:

My Naya! I became apart of your world through my brother @tahj_mowry. You guys used to hit the pavement auditioning together and booking jobs together. I’ve known your beautiful spirit since the age of 6. You quickly became family. Just some of my favorite memories- you helping my sister and myself look for a place to live when my parents kicked Tamera and I out of the house at 25. Us hitting L.A. night life together with @tahj_mowry and going to parties introducing me to the most wild drink I’ve ever had and you laughing at me because I couldn’t handle it. I will never forget asking you to shoot an episode of my cooking show Tia Mowry at Home and you saying yes without hesitation. Or us walking together to our cars on the paramount lot after a long hard day of work. We were both so stoked that we had television shows on the same lot. I love you. Your smile will always be the most beautiful smile. Rest my love. You are now a beautiful angel. 🙏🏽
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