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Anita Joseph's husband celebrates 3 years of f**king her

It's safe to say Anita Joseph and her husband, Real Mc Fish are one 'crazy' couple, need we ask why they both complement each other again? 'crazy', funny couple, lol. You all know Anita can talk like this too? Lol.

So her husband. recalling they met yesterday, June 8, 2017, took to IG to celebrate the day they met.

And well, he says he is also celebrating f**king her and filling up her tank! Man like Fish!!!!

What he wrote below....

”I looked at my calendar and it read 8th of June 2020 , it only reminded me that I met this wonderful, funny and amazing woman @anitajoseph8 3 years ago .
A lot of people think I met u a year ago and we just met blah blah blah ….. but it actually been three years….. 3 years of loving u
3 years of F***KING you
3 years of adoring you
3 years of supporting you
3 years of being YOUR KING
3 years of FILLING YOUR TANK . .
@anitajoseph8 I love you and I cherish you..
We don’t even need to talk to much on how we are chopping life …………….
Jeun lo iyawo mi ” he wrote

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