#SexForGrades: All You Need To Know About UNILAG's Dr Boniface Who Is A Pastor In Foursquare

Allegations of sexual harassment in Nigerian Universities have been around for decades and almost every graduate of the nation’s institution...

Allegations of sexual harassment in Nigerian Universities have been around for decades and almost every graduate of the nation’s institutions has a story to tell on the disturbing subject.

In 2003, Nigerian rapper Eedris Abdulkareem did a song on the malaise which he called “Mr. Lecturer.”

There have also been stories in the local press of lecturers sexually harassing students and threatening them with failing grades if they refuse to sleep with them, for years.

Professor Boniface Igbeneghu, is a Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Arts; and a former Sub Dean of the University of Lagos (Unilag), in the viral video, he could be seen trying to sexually harass a BBC reporter who poses as a 17-year-old, while sharing tales of sex for grades with her.

Boniface is also a Pastor of the Foursquare Gospel Church.

The “17-year-old” wanted placement in Unilag and Boniface, strutting around the place with a pot belly, could be seen asking her to be obedient and telling her there will be consequences if she doesn't continue to see him afterwards.

“I can call you to come any day and if you don’t come, I know you are gone,” the Unilag Professor threatens.

According to the BBC, students of Unilag have long alleged that Prof Boniface was in the habit of sexually molesting and abusing students, applicants or freshers for grades.

“He’ll tell you to come to the office and he’ll lock the door,” one student says of Boniface.

Another female student of Unilag laments that “nobody wants to believe victims. Nobody wants to do anything. It is crazy. I know a lot of people have been abused.”

One student says of Boniface: “He was preparing for Bible study, he was groping me and writing down scripture…”

After pouring a glass of wine for the undercover journalist, Boniface was seen saying: “Switch off this light. Lock the door. I’ll kiss you for a minute.” And then he smacks his lips and goes on to share stories of how lecturers sexually molest female students in the University Staff Club.

“There is the upper part of the staff club where lecturers romance students. They take girls there, touch their breasts and body. They call it Cold Room…,” Boniface shares.

“Unilag however disassociated itself from the alleged behavior of Dr. Boniface and reiterated to BBC that it has a zero tolerance towards sexual harassment. It did not comment on the so called ‘Cold Room.”


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