Tottenham vs Liverpool: Mourinho speaks ahead of Champions League final

Former Real Madrid manager, Jose Mourinho, has said there is little to choose between Tottenham and Liverpool ahead of tonight’s Champions League final.

According to him, predicting the outcome of the Champions League final is difficult because both sides will feel that fate is on their side after their performances in the competition so far.
Speaking with Eleven Sports, Mourinho said, “I always say that the team that had something extraordinary on their way to the final is the team that is a little further ahead.

“But the curious thing about this final is that the two teams arrive in an absolutely incredible way. They arrive there almost like titans, completely convinced that they are going to destroy their rival. It has everything to be a final with two teams completely convinced that ‘the trophy is mine’.”

The former Chelsea and Manchester United boss also named the player from each side he believes will be the most important.

“If I had to choose one for Liverpool, fundamentally in this last phase of growth, it would be Van Dijk.

“For Tottenham, because they made the final without Harry Kane, I would say Eriksen.”

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