US President Donald Trump's immigration policy contrary to beliefs of most Americans: Poll

. Latin American migrants headed towards the United States in hopes of a better life, remain in a shelter in Mexicali, Baja California...


Latin American migrants headed towards the United States in hopes of a better life, remain in a shelter in Mexicali, Baja California state, Mexico, on November 18, 2018. (Photo by AFP)
Most Americans have contrary ideas about immigration policy opposed to those of US President Donald Trump, according to a new poll.

The new poll released by ABC News on Tuesday showed nearly two-third of Americans were opposed to Trump's immigration policy.

Trump declared a "national emergency" to get government funding to build a controversial security wall along the US southern border with Mexico. The poll showed the majority of Americans (55%) “strongly” opposed Trump's move and a faction of 28% supported it strongly.
The majority of Black and Hispanic population of the US, 87% and 74%, respectively, opposed the Trump policy. In addition, as many 27% of all Americans believe US immigration laws should be made easier, while 34% prefer leaving it just as it is now.
Trump on Monday imposed tougher regulations on asylum seekers at the US-Mexico border.
These included demanding fees from asylum seekers for application forms and processing.
This file photo taken on March 28, 2019 shows Latin American immigrants awaiting processing at the Paso Del Norte Bridge in El Paso, Texas.(Photo by AFP)
“The purpose of this memorandum is to strengthen asylum procedures to safeguard our system against rampant abuse of our asylum process,” Trump said in a memo ordering the fee. 

Trump has repeatedly criticized US immigration policies.

Earlier this month, Trump asked the Democrats to work with Republicans to address the US "immigration crisis".

Trump blames the Democrats for what he describes as a broken system.

Democrats blame Trump.
The poll's findings are based on interviews with a random sample of 1,001 adults, conducted from April 22-25, prior to Trump's call for tightening restrictions on asylum-seekers.

The poll has a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.

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